7 Signs You Need to Change Your Project Management Software

Live Webinar - January 24th, 2023 - 11:30AM-12:15PM PDT

Brandon Gill
Director Sales, Strategy & Ops

at TrackVia

Senior Software Consultant at Software Finder

Renee Adkins Software Consultant at Software Finder

From horrible, all-out, application freezes and blue screens to heart-sinking data wipes, there is MUCH that can go wrong. 

These days, there isn’t a workplace that doesn’t rely on one project management (PM) software or another to get by on the grueling work week. So, it isn’t much of a stretch to imagine the stress that normally accompanies any episode of a tool upgrade.

The proactive project manager is the one who not only anticipates all these concerns but also takes effective measures to counteract them. 

If you aspire to join ‘the ranks’, we have just the webinar for you.  

In this talk, get crucial software-upgrade-specific insights such as: 

  • The importance of PM tools to project oversight/PMP success 
  • How PM software can quickly become outdated (and how to source a better alternative or an upgrade) 
  • Things to consider when pursuing an Upgrade:

- Vendor collaboration

- Software customization/flexibility 

- Customer service

- Team adoption rate (tied to user-friendliness), and plan affordability

Join us on January 24 as we gain a lot of practical intel from industry experts on smoothly getting through a project management tool upgrade - and come out winning! 

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